Now You Can  Have Your Prospects Clamoring Like a Pack of Hungry Wolves For Your Products in ANY Economy While You Sit Back And Collect the Checks!

The Astonishing “Spike-Drop-Release” Marketing Trick Humiliates the Competition And Racks Up 8.9% Conversion Rates On A $297 Product In The Middle Of A Devastating Recession, Producing Huge Piles of Cash Overnight!

This month, only three more devilishly lucky business owners will personally have their profits multiply like rabbits overdosed on Viagra in the spring.

And, by the way. They won't need to do a damn thing.

Will one of them be you?

From the Desk of: Strategic Marketing Consultant and Direct Response Copywriter Mike Williams
Re: Doubling and Even Tripling Your Profits Overnight

Dear Savvy Business Owner,

Pop quiz time:

What's the fastest and easiest way to increase your profits by 400% without doing a lick of work?

Times up.

Answer: Trash your template, has-been, $97, stick in the mud, "sales letter".

Replace it with one sporting my pathalogically effective, merciless, kick 'em under the belt copy that's proven to suck cash out of your prospect's bank accounts and into yours faster than a nuclear powered vaccum run amock.

It's sounds outrageous.

It sounds unbelievable.

I mean, 400%? Just with better copy?

"Pull the other one, Mike".

But it's as true as the sky is wide.

I know you're the skeptical type.

So let me prove it to you from a real life example that happened only weeks ago.

Let me introduce you to Bill McRae.

Picture of Bill

Seems like a nice enough guy, right?

Don't be fooled.

The guy's a closet millionere. First he made millions in the corporate world.

Then he took it online raking in thousands and thousands each day for years selling guitars as an AFFILIATE!

It was under a few weeks ago when I came across his  latest product (a traffic  service) that he was flogging for $297 a pop.

He was pretty happy with the results he was getting.

The product wasn't cheap.

And it was converting at 1.4%.

Not too shabby, right?

After taking one look at his letter I had to give him a call. 

It was past 11:30 PM San Diego time (and those folks need their sleep). Plus he's got kids. But I had to do it. It went something like this.


"Bill", I said.

"I can double your sales."

Bill sounded confused: "who the HELL  is this!?" (whoops!)

After we cleared that up and I reminded him who I am and what I do,  he started to get skeptical on me (just like you did).

"It's selling well, Mike. It's a high end product and there's a recession going on. Why not leave well and good alone?"

I Persisted: "I don't care. I'll double your sales. I promise you this."

And this is where it gets interesting.

He gave a chuckle and  made me the following deal:  

"If you can double my sales, just by working on my sales letter. Then you're my  copywriter for life. In fact we'll go 50-50 on all my launches from now on if you write the copy"

NOTE: Some of these launches are an easy six figures in the bag! This guy was offering me the keys to the kingdom!

"But fail to deliver on your promise and the only payment you're getting for your efforts is my $297 product for free as a consolation prize."

Always ready for a challenge. I took the deal. It's RISKY to spend days writing a letter that might not put food on the table for my family.

But I knew exactly what I was doing. So I went to work. The letter went live on a Tuesday.

The results?

I couldn't have been more WRONG about my prediction if I TRIED.  

Here's what happened.

Doubling Bill's sales would've been a 2.8% conversion rate. We DID NOT get that.

Tripling his sales would have been a 4.2% conversion rate. We DID NOT get that either.

When his letter was replaced with mine

The Conversion Rate Rose To An Epic 8.9% On A $297  Product In the Middle Of  A
"Global Economic Crises"!

"I now have more business now than I can handle"

"Since you rewrote my sales letter I have had more business than I can handle. I even stooped to hiring some people to help me out.

It is ridiculous to have a conversion rate over 8%
on a high priced product like mine, but because of your sales letter, I do!

I always thought hiring a quality copywriter was a waste of money. Boy was I wrong. The waste of money is when you have a quality product and no one buys it because of lame copy.

Mike, you will be my copywriter from now on. That is if I ever catch up from all the business and have the time to launch another product

Feel free to have anyone call me if they'd like to hear more about your service" (619) 573-4105

Bill McRae

Think about this from Bill's perspective for a moment.

Bill didn't do a minute of work. 

All he did was take a chance on me.

And that simple move of hiring me to write his copy added 2-3 sales per day. That means nearly $900 per day i.e. $328,000 per year to his bottom line!

Over a quarter of a million dollars is added to his annual revenue stream, and it happened literally overnight.

Now ask yourself.

How much would you pay upfront to add an extra $328,000 to your piggy bank every year forever? How much would you pay to even add another $32,000?

Because maybe you're not like Bill.

Maybe you're just selling a $37 product and it's converting at 1.0% and producing $1,000 per month in sales.

Imagine what even a 5% conversion rate can do for you? It's the difference between $12,000 per year and a full time income.

Just one change: Copy that sells. A whole new world of income.

Was I surprised by these results?

Not really.

You see, for the past few years I’ve been absorbing the most deadly effective copywriting strategies from the likes of: Kennedy, Sugarman, Abraham, Carlton and Silver, just to name a few.

I’ve been swiping all their best strategies for years with some pretty impressive results.

But one day I was doing some research on an unrelated project when a stunning realization that hit me like a lighting bold and changed my life forever.

What I stumbled upon was a formula that every single one of these million dollar copywriters were using in their copy but never told anyone about.

I call it the "spike-drop-release" formula.

I started using the formula in my own copy and the results nearly knocked me off my chair. Conversions shot through the roof like bullets in a John Wayne movie and and money was pouring in faster than I could count it.

I knew I had hit on something big.

Everything I Learned
From All The

Millionaire Copywriters Had Finally “Clicked”

I’m using it in every piece of copy I write and the results are nothing short of earth shattering.

It puts my copy at such an advantage to the competition that it should probably be ILLEGAL.

But of course, it isn't.

It's a tried, true and totally irresistible sales technique that takes customers down a path where buying from you is the ONLY option that makes any sense.

I Now Knew The Secret To Sales Copy So Utterly Emotionally Compelling That Your Customers Can’t Help But Keep On Reading And Keep On Buying

At this stage I'm beginning to think of myself as more of a psychologist than a copywriter.

I've studied human nature, persuasion and the human psychological condition in depth. I've spent my life trying to figure out what makes people tick, and what makes browsers into rabid buyers.

In all this time I've learned how to tap into the primal urges of your customers and waive the object of their desires in front of them like a carrot on a stick. I keep waiving it in front of them, just beyond their grasp, until buying is the only thing that will put out the insatiable thirst I’ve struck in their heart.  
Bottom line?

I’ll have your prospects SALIVATING for your product like a starved pitbull and rottweiler vying for the last t-bone steak.

I don’t stop tweaking the copy until I show the letter to my wife who had absolutely NO interest in the product before reading my letter. If her mouth drools for the product and says “Mike, we need to buy this thing  now!”. I know it’s ready.

That’s the power of the “spike-drop-release” method when combined with my years of carefully studying and dissecting some of the greatest copy ever put to print.

This technique is so simple, yet so staggeringly effective that it’s your own predictable automatic weapon to dramatically increase your sales, earn the awe and respect of your customers and...

Give You Total—Some Would Say Unfair—Domination Over Your Competition

This method forges an immediate and intimate bond with your prospects and leads them down a path of ever-increasing emotional pressure until they MUST buy from you just to get relief.






Like hell!

I’ve boiled this method down to a system that has turned art into a science so I can repeat the results at will.

It works in any niche, and seems to become even more effetive in BAD economies.

I'm offering you the opportunity to plug this conversion catapult system into your business starting now.

Could YOU be the next entrepreneur bragging to your buddies about your 8.9% conversion rate and your million dollar pad on Laguna Beach?

Could YOU be the one to have the success you always dreamed of while doing even LESS work that you’re doing right now?

The only thing you have to do is to ditch your doubts and have me join your team.

Just imagine what it will be like.

No more worrying about traffic generation or chasing leads.

When I put my copy to work you’ll likely find that your current traffic stats are sufficient to swell your bank account enough to satisfy your wildest dreams.

If you're ever struggled with Adwords, you can put that behind you too.

The only reason people stuggle with Adwords is because their conversion rates are in the crapper.

When your conversion rates are where they should be, you can outbid the competition on any keywords you want, while still turning a breathtaking profit.

So the question is:  

What Exactly Am I Offering You Today?

Here’s the deal.  

I'm accepting clients for sales letters for an extremely limited time.

To ensure each client's letter get's the care and attention they need, I CANNOT accept more than four clients each month.

I'm available to only four people for original sales letters, or rewrites of your current letter. 

As soon as I’m hired you’ll be given a questionnaire to fill out about your business and your goals, you’ll be scheduled and we’ll go to work doubling,  tripling and even quadrupling your profits.

Before you go any further, take a look at the following calendar to see if I'm available. I update this regularly.

December '08
Week 1: Booked
Week 2: Booked
Week 3: Booked
Week 4: Booked

Janurary '08
Week 1: Booked
Week 2: Booked
Week 3: Booked
Week 4: Booked

February '08
Week 1: Booked
Week 2: Booked
Week 3: Booked
Week 4: Booked

March '08
Week 1: Booked
Week 2: Available
Week 3: Booked
Week 4: Available

April '08
Week 1: Available
Week 2: Booked
Week 3: Booked
Week 4: Booked

"Sounds Exciting Mike, How Much Will It Cost Me?"

Well let's break down why my pricing is the way it is.

I'm not your typical article writer moonlighting as a copywriter to make some extra cash.

I do this for a living now, and my track record is PROVEN.

I know that if you have any decent traffic at all even a 1% increase in conversions can put thousands of dollars in your pocket this year

With the economy teetering like a Jenga tower late in the game, you cannot afford to enter the market with C level copy anymore.

These days, the copy must make the sale inconveivable to resist, otherwise they'll just keep their money for the many rainy days we have ahead.
Go look around for copywriters who have conversions anywhere near what I've proven I can produce. If you can find one you'll easily pay: $10,000 plus 10% of the income produced from the letter. 

And truth be told?

It would be a STEAL at that price so long  your DAILY INCOME WILL MULTIPLY several times over PERMANENTLY. 

You, however, are in an extremely lucky position.

You found me while my skills are still relatively unknown in the marketing world.

I still need three or four more case studies that prove as clear as the midday sun, the raw unbrilded power of my copy. Once I have that, my prices rocket into the stratospher.

Imagine getting John Carlton to do your sales letter, BEFORE he become known as one of the greatest direct response marketers of our time.

Imgaine catching him while he was still building his resume...

That's the limited opportunity you have now.

To sneak ahead of everyone else and get a $10,000 copywriter to do your sales letter, or sales letter rewrite for only:


But that's Not All...

Just so this becomes a completely brain-dead decision for you I’ve decided to throw in some outrageous bonuses.

All clients hired this month only will receive:

A business consultation valued at $597. Yours free!

Let's put it this way. I "get" sales, advertising, business strategy and implementation

In this consultation I will pick apart every aspect of your business and put it back together again as a spanking new profit sucking online ATM machine.

Nothing compares to a combination of great copy and business strategy. I’ve been known to be able to add zeros to my client's income with one of my brainstorming sessions having them do less work than they were doing before.

Do NOT underestimate the herculian power of this bonus consultation that's yours completely free.

But That's Still Not All You'll Get...

You'll also receive...

Seven Criminally Effective Autoresponder Emails estimated At a Very real $197 a piece!

You probably already know that the lion's share of your sales will come after your prospect has seen your sales letter for the first time.

58% of buyers won't buy at all until the 5th interaction with your advertizing.

That's why it's crucial that your autoreponder series is punchier than a Rocky Marciano left hook.

(I usually charge 5% of the profits produced from one of my cash sucking emails which often comes out to a heck of a lot more than $197)

You’ll get seven of these emails that will keep making you gobs money for the rest of your life completely free if you are one of the first three to take action.


Let's Summarize What You're Getting...

1. 1 Full Length High Converting Sales Letter or Sales Letter Rewrite

Value (conservative estimate)=$7,000

2. 7 Profit Rocketing Autoresponder Messages

Value=$197 x 7=$1379


3. A Business Dissection, I mean, consultation that can turn your business from pinto, to corvet with just a few of my secret deadly tweaks.
If you wanted to enter my coaching program (which is currently closed) this sort of personal attention would cost you hundreds of dollars.

Value= $447
For just this week only I'm also throwing in...

4. A High Opt-In Squeeze Page


My opt-in pages regularly convert at over 50%!


5. Alternate Headlines for split testing purposes (Value: $300)

Testing several headlines is vital for any serious marketer as slight changes can double or triple your sales!

That's a grand total of  $9,626 of value for only $3,500!

And think about it. 

It not really "costing" you anything.

You're investing those ever inflating dollars into something real and lasting. Something that's proven to generate  to  generate more income for you, every single day for the rest of your life.

"You Got Samples, Mike?"

I sure do.

Instant Cash Affiliate

Registry Elite

Automated Traffic Hubs

Letter For 25th Anniversary of  Paul Hartunian's Sales of The Brooklyn Bridge (An Older Short Form Letter)

What About References?

If you're a memeber of the Warrior Forum you have plenty of people you can check with about my work such as:

Jonny Andrews, Jason Mangrum, Bill McRea, Andrew Cavanagh, Paul Hartunian and Shannon Herod.

If you need personal contact information for any of these people and lists of other former clients you can shoot me an email at 60dayintensive at and I'll respond in a jiffy. 

What You Can Expect From Me When You Become One Of My Clients:

Total Dedication: I'll be with you step by step until your project comes to its obscenely profitable conclusion. My customers and clients are what keep me in businss. Without you being happy with my work I have nothing. That’s why I give you everything I've got from the moment I'm hired.

Availability: As soon as I'm hired you'll gain access to my bulging marketing brain via email, skype, phone or however you like to chat.
I"ll even give you my "emergency line". It's the one I answer even when I'm knocked out cold with the flu.

When you contact me you'll always receive the courtesy and professionalism that every entrepreneur deserves.

Fast turnarounds: I NEVER sacrifice quality for speed. However, after doing this for several years I've come to learn several tricks to produce extremely high quality letters at record speeds.

Only The Highest Levels of Quality: Satisfied clients and customers are what make my world go round. I stake my whole career and my entire life on making you ecstatic with the results of my work.

You'll be pleasantly surprised when you realize you are working with someone who genuinely cares about the future of your business.

How Long Will My Letter Be?

At this price you are entitled to a "long form" letter. In repeated tests, longer sales letters consistently beat out their shorter competitors.,

 With that said, the length could vary depending on the niche. To put you in a ballpark it will likely be anywhere from 15 to 25 pages.

Who Should NOT Hire Me?

You are NOT right for this opportunity if you are :

a) Someone who is content with mediocrity. I’m looking for entrepreneurs who are looking to take their business to the next level. The ones who ache for success and are willing to do what it takes to get it.

b) Someone who doesn't have the confidence to make a serious investment in their business. If you don't see the value in shelling out $1,997 once to make back thousands more each month for the rest of your life then this is not the right opportunity for you.

c) Someone who cares more about having a flashy website than actually selling the products you've built your business around.

But if you're serious about launching your business to success in an honest, legitimate fashion then what are you waiting for!?

Click the link here or the one at the bottom of the page and let's start ramping up your profits....this link will allow you to pay the 50% down payment that will reserve your spot on my schedule.

Yes Mike! I'm Ready To Send My Conversion Rates To the Moon And Flood My Inbox With Cash

Here's what happens next:

Once I have your down payment I'll be getting in touch with you within 48 hours with the questionnaire for your project. Once that is filled out you'll receive an exact date when your letter will be ready.

Your letter should NEVER take more than a week, but you will need to be scheduled first.

The sooner you hire me the sooner you'll be put on my calendar and the sooner we can double and even triple your profits.

Note: If you'd like me to contact you at an email address other than the Paypal address please let me know in the comments to your payment.

Don't be left out of this one. If you miss this opportunity you might be waiting weeks or even months for my schedule to open up again.

So, here’s the deal: If you see an availablity on my calendar, click the fun flashy button below and grab that spot because they will be gone before you know it.

If you’re serious about putting into effect a tested and proven automatic marketing system that will have you selling more, working less and living the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of, this is the absolute best decision you can make.

Give Me My Dangerous Copy And Let My Profits Soar


Yes! I'm ready to take my business to the next level

By taking action today, I understand that:

  • I get my full length sales letter within a week of my scheduling.
  • I get my FREE powerful 7 part autoresponder series to ensure not one sale is lost.  
  • I get a FREE  expert business consultation to get access to Mike's secret sales stacking secrets.

(Order online safely and securely. All orders processed and secured by Paypal -- You're 100% protected from unauthorized payments with 24/7 monitoring to prevent fraud. Click the order button above, fill in your details, and you'll be hearing from me within 24 hours of your order for your consultation.

Here's to explosive profits,

Mike Williams

P.S. If you looked at my schedule above and found that it was full, I do apoligize for that. Please come back this page any time to see if an opening has become available.

P.P.S. Need to speak to me personally before you make a final decision?

Email me at 60dayintensive (at) Gmail (dot) com or call me at 
(973) 644-4020. I look forward to it!